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Lynx Golf


Project Details

Create engaging, interactive website and allow internal control

Website Design and Development, API Development

Lynx Golf website, designed & developed by SUM
Lynx Golf website, designed & developed by SUM


Lynx Golf are manufacturers of amazing golf equipment, with a key emphasis on bringing fun back into the game. Their old website was not responsive and didn’t present their products and services in a way their day to day business reflects. SUM creatively served up a fresh website design that followed their slogan ‘The Cat is Back, with the Lynx logo far more prominent across the website. Lynx are very ambitious and their website design needed to match that, making it easy for users on all devices to find their products and learn more about their brand, fast. In a fiercely competitive market where Lynx only sell through local stockists rather than online or mainstream retail, it needed to be simple to locate your local stockists.



A fully functional, mobile-first website aimed at giving them autonomy of their website. They can now update all key content internally and add products along with new ads

Completely refreshed the customer journey and implemented more call to actions and bespoke forms in key areas

Product brochure broken down into key categories and easy to navigate

Clean stockists locator for visitors to find and contact their local stockists

Video is a key part of the new website, with the Lynx YouTube channel embedded for easy upload

Lynx Golf website, designed & developed by SUM
Lynx Golf website, designed & developed by SUM

Key Features & Outcomes

Bespoke API for demo days to allow users to see when the demo days are taking place and where they are on the map

Stockists map to find local stockists with ease rather than listed

Clear customer journey throughout to drive stockists and commercial enquiries