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Play Valley


Project Details

Influence customer spend through product up sell

Graphic Design, Online & Offline Marketing Collateral, Vehicle Wrap, Print Services

Play Valley Children's Menu designed & printed by SUM.
Play Valley's Van Wrap, designed, printed and applied by SUM.


Play Valley Indoor Play Centre provides dedicated play zones for babies, toddlers and children up to the age of 12 years old.

The business has multiple customer offerings ranging from an indoor play centre, party room hire and fully serviced café serving both hot and cold food.

We were tasked with a range of design and print assignments targeted at increasing customer interaction in their time at the centre, adding key commercial return in the way of upselling.

We redesigned the café menu taking one standalone offering and converting it into a separate adults, children and drinks menu. Digital slides were hosted in key areas of the café on TV screens to alert customers to special offers and encourage them to buy additional items.

To encourage brand recognition, we designed and wrapped the company vehicle to promote visibility of the centre in the local area.



A modern, clean menu system that allowed customers to easily engage with products across traditional print and digital format

Product placement of key promotional items on TV screens around the centre

Brand awareness and identity on the company vehicle

Reinforcement of the company’s key values through online and offline format

Play Valley's Flyer Design & Printed by SUM.
Screen designs designed by SUM.

Key Features & Outcomes

Increased profitability into the business through upsell of promotional items

A clearer and more concise customer journey from menu browsing to placing an order

An internal uniformed approach to both online and offline marketing across the key areas of the business

Brand identity across all areas of the business driving consistency and recognition to the end user