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Sheffield United Community Foundation


Project Details

Driving engagement from key demographic

Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, Online & Offline Marketing Collateral, Social Media Management

Sheffield United Community Foundation Website
Sheffield United Community Foundation roller banners, designed & printed by SUM.


Sheffield United Community Foundation is a charity working in the areas of sport participation, education, health and social inclusion.

With five key strands to the business; education & training, national citizen service, health & wellbeing, participation and community cohesion, they needed a functional, modern approach to both their online and offline marketing efforts to drive engagement from their key demographic.

We were tasked with redesigning and building a new website that incorporated not only their core values but gave each strand maximum exposure under pinned by an interactive events calendar to increase both direct and indirect sales.

This new, exiting branding would then be driven into graphics and literature across company social media channels, marketing collateral such as posters and flyers, as well as roller banners and events material.



A fully functional modern website aimed at a mixed target demographic.

An integrated events calendar linked to a direct payment merchant to increase direct bookings and reduce 3rd party application costs.

Redesign company literature across a variety of online and print mediums.

Reinforcement of the company’s key values through online and offline format.

Sheffield United Community Foundation A1 posters, designed & printed by SUM.
Sheffield United Community Foundation A5 flyers, designed & printed by SUM.

Key Features & Outcomes

An internal uniformed approach to both online and offline marketing across the key areas of the business.

Bespoke website built on the WordPress CMS which can be updated by internal staff to keep the site fresh and current as well as driving down ongoing external development costs.

Social media strategy implemented and consistently delivered.

Brand identity across all areas of the business driving consistency and recognition to the end user.